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Wholesale Jerseys.The NFL draft is over. Months and months of anticipation and hope and speculation culminated over the weekend in Philadelphia, and now it’s all done.If you’re an NFL fan, this feels like the morning after graduation.Cheap Jerseys From China.It was all you could think about for the longest time, it happened, you had the party, and now you wake up the next day and your first thought is, “OK. Now what?”As May dawns, minicamps draw near and 32 teams begin grinding their way through the four-plus months that remain before games start again, here’s a look at the biggest issue each team still has to address now that the draft is in the rearview mirror.NFL Jerseys Cheap.

Yeah, again, Blake Bortles, yada, yada.Cheap NFL Jerseys Sale. But if all I did was quarterback for every team, who’d keep reading? Everything about Jacksonville’s chances ride on whether Bortles can forget 2016 ever happened and pretend he’s still trying to build off of a promising 2015. Jerseys For Sale.And Leonard Fournette will help. But neither will do anything if the Jags don’t put a solid starting five in front of them. Branden Albert doesn’t appear to want to play there, Cam Robinson might not be ready to start right away and they need to figure out who the guards are.Jerseys From China. Tom Coughlin brought in his longtime buddy and offensive line coach Pat Flaherty, who tells a terrifying story about how his father taught him how to play center by slamming himself into an oak tree over and over again.Cheap Jerseys China.No idea if that can help this group, but I heard it four years ago and it really has stuck with me.


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Cheap Jerseys.An MVP candidate in 2015, the veteran quarterback ranked 18th in Total QBR in 2016. He is 37 years old, and after failing to select a quarterback in the draft, the Cardinals continue to roll with Drew Stanton and Zac Dysert as backup options should something happen to Palmer. (Or should he just not play well again.) Cheap NFL Jerseys China.It’s a high-wire act out there in the desert, where the Cardinals look like a team with all of the pieces in place.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.The defense got better this weekend, David Johnson might be the best running back in the league, but none of it matters if Palmer can’t hold it together for one more big year.