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With an average of 14.5 rush attempts per game over the last three years, he added some pass-catching prowess to his arsenal of abilities recently. Ingram has averaged 59 targets and 48 receptions over the last two seasons.Cheap Football Jerseys.He’s a three-down back and has a goal-line role too.Just one of 19 running backs to receive 200-plus rush attempts in 2016, he’s simply not getting the respect he deserves among fantasy circles ahead of the 2017 season. I understand why folks are skeptical after the offseason moves the Saints made to improve the backfield.Wholesale Jerseys.But Ingram has been a consistently productive presence in the Saints backfield the last few seasons and has spent his entire six-year career in New Orleans with Sean Peyton as his coach and Drew Brees as his signal-caller.

We won’t see two-way players any time soon, but football’s offensive personnel are becoming so flexible that in about a decade, offenses might be made up of five linemen, a quarterback, and a bunch of gifted athletes doing anything to get open on any given play.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Players like Carolina Panthers rookies Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel will change the future of schemes. McCaffrey, so far in the preseason, has lined up in the backfield, in the slot, and near the sideline as a wideout. This, mind you, is in the preseason, when teams are least likely to show their true plans for a player; come the regular season, McCaffrey might be able to do all of that, play all the defensive positions, coach the team, and do that thing from Superman where he goes around the globe so fast he turns back time.Football players are all stronger and faster now than they were in Stallings and Paterno’s day.Cheap Jerseys From China.A decade of high school and college schemes that spread the ball out and use running backs and wide receivers interchangeably has created Swiss army knives across the NFL.

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It’s difficult to believe now, but concussion awareness was a thing even before Dr. Bennet Omalu came to the United States.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.During the early 1990s, you didn’t have to say “please” to get super-agent Leigh Steinberg to address the risks faced by his oft-concussed super-clients, quarterbacks Steve Young of the 49ers and Troy Aikman of the Cowboys. This at a time when Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach and Jets receiver Al Toon had been famously chased from the game after multiple concussive events.Decorated Bills quarterback Jim Kelly could blithely shake off a “minor” concussion by saying he’d had four others in which he was “knocked cold.” Steelers and Bears running back Merril Hoge was virtually incapacitated when he was forced to retire after a game on Oct. 2, 1994.Jerseys For Sale.Three weeks later, Omalu, born to a family of refugees in war-torn Nigeria during the Biafran War, arrived in the United States.